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Technology skincare, body contouring, and entry level hair restoration.

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Skin Rejuvenation

Acne (face, back, chest)
Aging (face, neck, chest)
Sun damage (face, neck, chest)

Hair Restoration

Male and female
For thin hair or thinning
Any age
In office treatment
Home solutions

Body Contouring

Stomach: Chubby tummies & stretched out tummies or both
Back fat & more

Hi, I’m Cherise!

For 11 years, I’ve used my knowledge, experience, and expertise to help people feel good about their faces, necks, chests, backs, tummies, and more. 

When you enter the Results skincare sanctuary, here’s what you can expect.

I’ll listen carefully and I’ll ask you questions to make sure I fully understand. 

You will find me friendly, professional, helpful and honest.

I’ll tell you how I can help and I’ll tell you if I can’t help.

I’ll explain how treatment works and what to expect.

Call me at 306.953.1986 to book a consultation. Consultations are always free of charge. 

Look better. Feel better.

– Cherise


*NEW* – Oxygen Facial has arrived.

*NEW* – Peptide Matrix professional grade skincare has arrived.

Now Available –  Microcurrent facial treatment. This firms and lifts the muscles of the face at a level deeper than any skin technology reaches. At a great price point, I’ve been doing a lot of these.

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The results that I have seen are unbelievable. I started with a saggy stretched out stomach. Huge stretch marks that were very rough. Now the skin is sooo much smoother and the sag is almost gone. Cherise listened to what I was saying. How much my stomach bothered me. Now I feel more confident and better about my stomach and myself. Thank you sooooo much.
Ruby Humphreys
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