Welcome to Results Cosmetic & Wellness Therapies’ new website. Here, I’ll provide honest and straightforward information about the services and products I provide.

For Services, I prefer to offer only a select few treatments and I like to do them exceptionally well. I don’t try to be all things to all people.

For Products, I only carry the things that knock my socks off. Skincare that performs and works is my priority – not brand name recognition.

There is a lot of ‘over- promise, under-deliver’ in the beauty industry and I don’t like it. The name RESULTS really means something to me and I take my reputation in Prince Albert very seriously.

If you want help with: skin rejuvenation or complexion correction; hair restoration for entry level thinning; or body contouring – please give me a call at 306 953 1986. Look better. Feel better.

Thank you! -Cherisecherise

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