Dear Cindy,
Your BFF ratted you out to me. She told me that in an effort to fight adult acne, you put oil of oregano directly on to blemishes on your face, you wash your face with honey and you use apple cider vinegar as a toner.
I can’t help it, Cindy. I have to say, I disapprove.
Oil of oregano is a known skin irritant.
Yes, honey will make skin feel hydrated and can calm irritation and dryness. But it’s not a cleanser. Unpasteurized honey – like Manuka honey – can harbor botulism. That’s right – a bacteria that is responsible for food poisoning.
Apple cider vinegar will mess with your skin’s acid mantle and can disrupt ph balance.
If you want to use natural foods on your face: use plain, normal fat greek yogurt as your blemish spot treatment. As a matter of fact, smear the yogurt all over your face – it’s also anti aging. I do this often.
Steep some green tea and use that as your toner. Green tea applied topically can get a visible improvement in acne and it’s hugely anti aging. I use a green tea serum at least a couple nights a week.
Give in and get yourself a Certified Organic, Dermatologist created cleanser. I love the cleansers by Yum. I find them so gentle and yet effective to help me manage my adult acne.
So, Cindy, there it is. My two cents.
Wanting what’s best for your skin,

Dear Cindy

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