Back. Shoulders. Chest. Acne isn’t just for faces. Often, these body parts scar worse than the face. Evidence of acne can remain long after the acne itself is gone. Let’s talk solutions.

Whether it’s a pitting type of scarring that leaves hills and valleys on the surface of the skin or a discoloration of red or brown marks, acne scarring needs special help.

In office, I use Cosmetic Grade Cold Laser and Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion to even out the surface and correct pigment both in and on the skin. I also use Professional Grade Lactic Peels.

At home, I encourage clients to alternate a Glycolic Serum with a Retinol Serum and a high potency Vitamin C serum. This is correction and repair both for texture and discoloration. You get a faster result using products at home in conjunction with in office treatments.

Taking vitamin C supplements can help as well. Vitamin C is necessary for the body’s collagen production.

At this time of year, you might be feeling more insecure because you are not as covered up. Bathing suits and tank tops can reveal scarring that you don’t mind as much during winter months when we are all buried under multitudinous layers of clothing. If you are feeling self conscious, there is help. You can get a visible improvement in the acne scarring.

Back Acne Scarring Fix

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