Dear Cindy,

I admit, I have mixed feelings about the sun burned chest photo you sent me. I’m glad you reached out to me and asked me how to correct it. I’m resisting the urge to give you heck for getting so charred in the first place.

Let’s talk about the fixing first. Since your poor decollete appears to be blistering, get some aloe vera on that. Stat. Aloe vera will calm the burning. If it’s hot, you could even splash cold water on it for several minutes, just as you do when you’ve burned a finger on the stove. Put the aloe vera on several times a day until the burn settles.

Once the burn has settled, we need to turn that around so you don’t wind up looking like old leather a few years from now. Get a skincare product with high dose vitamin C in it and apply nightly. You could alternate that with a skincare product that has Retinol in it. That means every night you either slather on the vitamin C or the Retinol. This will help to restore some of the beauty and youth of that poor, sun damaged skin.

A Cold Laser Microderm treatment will help a lot. Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion works on the skin to correct texture and discoloration. Cosmetic grade Cold Laser works in the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing and disperse melanin (discoloration).

Now, Cindy, please picture me with a disapproving – yet loving – face, one hand on my hip and the other wagging a finger at you. Let’s talk about how you came to be so burned in the first place.

Cindy, I’m willing to bet that you weren’t taking sun breaks and finding shade and you weren’t wearing sunscreen. Tisk, tisk, Cindy. Tisk, tisk. Your gorgeous chest needs sunscreen if it’s going to stay gorgeous. It needs it as much as your face does. And that sunscreen needs to be re-applied often, especially if you are hot and sweating a little bit.

And Cindy, in the future, you can beef up the power of your sunscreen by putting on a base coat underneath it. Skincare products with green tea, applied underneath sunscreen, are proven to make that sunscreen even more effective.

Well, Cindy, there it is. You got a little bit of heck from me but, as always, it’s
With Love,


Chest Sun Burn Today: Old Leather Tomorrow

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