It’s warm and sunny and all of the snow is gone.  Soon lawns will get green and trees will sprout fresh new leaves.  It’s an exciting time of year but not just because of the temperatures.  Grad is less than three months away.

If you are a Grad or a parent of a Grad who struggles with keeping your complexion clear, it’s time to call me.  Let’s discuss the plan of action so you get the time slots you want, when you want them.  In the past, it’s broken my heart to turn sad little Grad faces away because face preparations were left until the last minute.

If you are the parent of a Grad or the grandparent of a Grad and you want to look fresh, happy and five years younger than you are, it’s time for you to call me as well.  Turning back the clock or softening some lines and putting some plump back in your cheeks doesn’t happen overnight.  Take some stress off of yourself by creating a plan of action so your face doesn’t get left behind.


Less Than Three Months to Get Grad Photo Ready

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