Less than two months until Grad festivities.  I know you’re working on the clothes and shoes.  Have you thought about skin?

If you , your Grad or someone else who is part of the Grad’s entourage is feeling insecure about mild to moderate acne, this is the time to book in for treatment.  Let’s get started right away.

Treatments at Results are comfortable and relaxing.  No pain, no peeling, no redness.  With mild to moderate acne, sometimes just one treatment can get some visible skin correction and balance.

If you feel that your acne is more than moderate, there is still time to get visible improvements before Grad.  Get into your Doctor and discuss prescription options like antibiotics or birth control.

Yes, products can make a visible difference.  They can make acne worse or better, depending on the ingredients.

Consultations at Results are free of charge.  Being an adult acne sufferer myself, I am totally invested in your skin success.

Help for Adult or Teenaged Acne Before Grad

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