This is my avocado. Why am I so passionate about my lovely, little avocado that I took a (terrible) photo of it?
Because tonight, I’m going to use this bad boy to make My Amazing Guacamole. And, My Amazing Guacamole not only tastes sinful but is fantastic for my skin!
Get the recipe. Then get yourself an avocado.

One avocado
One lime
Pinch of sea salt
One slightly rounded teaspoon mayonnaise.
Wash avocado and pat dry. Cut avocado in half, throw away the pit and scoop out the flesh with a spoon. Cut lime in half and squeeze all of the juice from one half. Save the other half in the fridge. Add the mayo. Mash everything together with a fork. Add sea salt. Mix. Enjoy with raw veggies like carrot, celery and cucumber.

Buy avocados that are more black than green.
Squeeze – they should give a tiny bit under the pressure.
Use real mayonnaise. Don’t worry; you’re using very little.
Add sea salt in small increments, checking taste as you go. Salt, in very small amounts, is good for us. Too much is super bad for us.
Eat up! The guacamole will darken after long time exposure to air and it won’t look very appetizing.

Why a Skinformation Specialist is Blogging So Passionately About an Avocado:
It contains antioxidants that protect your eyeballs. These same antioxidants make skin beautiful and keep it looking younger.
It contains lots of fiber to keep you regular. A healthy digestive tract has a direct effect on skin appearance. Less inflammation in your guts means less inflammation on your face ie redness, acne, rosacea.

One last tip: Hold back 1 Tablespoon of avocado. Mash it up all by itself and put it on your face.
Just like that, you have a fantastic facial masque that’s great for all skin types.

My Guacamole Recipe is Awesome, Easy and Beautifying

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