Sun Tips & Tricks I Bet You Didn’t Know

Margarita Dermatitis? Yep, that’s a thing. I have a couple other tidbits on exactly how to sun, to keep young.
Margarita Dermatitis. That’s when lime or lemon juice, sprayed on skin, gets lots of sun exposure. This activates acids in the juice that can lead to chemical burns or a brown, permanent discoloration on the skin.
Although most often seen with these citrus juices, there are other juices and liquids that can have the same effect. Like the celery you just chopped up to go in your Spicy Caesar. The takeaway here: fully rinse off any fruit or vegetable juice or any other liquid, like hair spray or perfume, during sun exposure.
A visor to the side will help shade your ride. We tend to age more on the side of the face that gets more sun exposure over a lifetime. For most of us, this means our left looks older than our right. Start combating this by putting your visor to your left window when you are driving.
Have a higher end, face grade sunscreen and a separate one for body. On arms and legs, you can go more cost effective and grab something off the store shelf. Skin on arms and legs tends not to be as picky and sensitive. Use your higher end face grade sunscreen on neck, upper chest, and the tops of your hands. These are the areas that get the most sun exposure year round and they often age quicker.
If you still get burned, hopefully this you have learned: take some vitamin C to reduce inflammation, speed healing and promote collagen production. If you don’t have real aloe vera from a health food store nearby, to put on hot, red skin, slather on some plain yogurt.

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