Celebrities get asked about their beauty secrets all of the time.  We all love a good beauty tip, especially if it’s free.

Sun, smoke, stress, (lack of) sleep.  These are four of the biggest aging factors.  One way to beat aging from the sun; put your visor down when you drive.

Do this all year round.  Don’t forget just because it’s almost fall.  The sun sits lower through the day.  Lots of sun still affects your face when you drive, particularly on your left.  Your left side is exposed to sun while you drive.

Yes, sun affects your skin through glass.  Have you ever taken a picture off of a wall and seen the discoloration in the paint?  That’s sun damage.  Have you ever noticed how posters in shop windows all seem to turn blue over time?  Sun damage.  Remember this little tidbit:  if you can see, you can burn.

So put your visor down when you drive.  Move it to your left if the sun is on your left.  Your pretty face will thank you twenty years from now.


Cherise owns Results in Prince Albert where she gets to make people feel good about their looks.  Look her up at www.resultspa.ca or give her a shout at 306 953 1986.  She’s always happy to talk skin.  And consultations are always free.

Anti Aging Tip That Costs You Nothing

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