Back to Business: Nutrition for Skincare

Hopefully you indulged this summer:  chips and pop and hot dogs.  Our summers are short and it’s okay to indulge a little.  Now it’s back to school and back to business for your nicest skin.

Good nutrition doesn’t have to cue an eye roll.  It can be tasty and easy.  Here are the nuts and bolts of how to eat to have your nicest skin.

Protein.  Protein is found in things that run, swim, and fly.  Eat poultry, fish and meat.  Just don’t eat too much of it.  If you are an active female in her thirties or forties, aim for 60 grams.  Men need more.  If you’re a cross fitter or marathon runner or you have dreams of competing on American Ninja Warrior, you’ll need more.  Protein can also be found in dairy.  Plain greek style yogurt is a good source.  It can also be found in plants like beans, pulses and lentils.  Read labels.

Water.  Our bodies are largely water and protein.  We ‘leak’ water all day, every day, through our pores and our breath.  You don’t have to consume vast quantities.  4 to 6 measuring cups is fabulous.  If you are a gym rat, you need more.  Remember that sugar free, calorie free drinks count.  But so does quality.  Nothing beats water or plain tea or coffee for maximum health benefits.  Diet coke?  Now you’re getting into things made in a lab to influence taste and color.  Ease up.  It’s all about moderation.

Veggies.  Potatoes and corn don’t count.  These are basically starches.  Even peas and carrots are a little starchy so go easy on them.  I’m talking more like tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, celery, and so on.  Boy oh boy, can these things taste good.  Figure out a way that you like to consume them.  I love making soups and stews and when I do, they are packed with veggies.

Fruit.  Eat more veggies than fruit; they are lower in sugar.  Ease up on bananas and oranges; these are pretty high in sugar and they don’t have the high levels of micronutrients that blueberries and strawberries have.

Starch.  Unless you are an active person, you don’t need buckets of starch.  Starch is anything that used to be a potato, rice, oats, wheat, bread type things, etc.  This is fuel food for skinny people who work hard physically.  Sure, you need some starch foods.  There is a fiber in grains that you need and veggie fiber won’t give it to you.  Just minimize .  They aren’t your skin’s best friend.  If your skin had a party, it might forget to invite these guys.  And when you do eat starchy foods, eat them in their purest form.  Real oats.  Real potatoes.  Your skin will love you for it.


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