It’s only three months until Christmas now.  How did this happen?

Christmas is far from my mind but in reality, it’s only three months away.  You’ll want to look your best for those relatives you rarely see and all of the photos you’ll be taking with them.  If you are facing face or skin issues, we should talk now so your plan of action is ready when you need it.

A saggy neck.  A jowled jawline.  Some acne from stress at work or stress at home.  We can fix these things, if we plan ahead and give ourselves some time.

There’s never a charge for consultation.  We can make sure to spread treatments out to protect the Christmas gift giving budget.  Give yourself some peace of mind and let’s chat.


Cherise owns Results where she’s been helping people feel good about their faces for over nine years.  Get a hold of her at 306 953 1986 or learn more at

Pre-planning Christmas: For Gift Giving and Faces

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