Don’t Eat the Halloween Candy!

Chris and Teena and I were laughing so hard on CKBI radio yesterday, I thought I was going to get kicked off the air.

I was trying to convince them to give out ‘healthy Halloween hand out’ alternatives this year.  You see, sugar causes inflammation and I don’t want you to eat candy because I love your skin so much that I always want what’s best for it.

So, I  found some‘healthy Halloween hand out’ options that I mentioned earlier.  I had Chris and Teena on board with packets of microwaveable popcorn.  I mean, who doesn’t like popcorn?  And how practical is that?  You can keep it for yourself and pop it at work on break.  The kids can keep it for themselves and pop it at school.  Or, you can share it as a family; everybody wins!

I lost them at cup o’ soup.  You know the instant bowls that you just add boiling water to?  Interview was over after that one.

I beg you!  Don’t eat the Halloween candy.  Consuming sugar causes inflammation.  Inflammation can translate into premature aging or acne or rosacea or weird skin sensitivities.

Here are some alternatives.

Give the candy to someone at work who’s been acting like a jerk.  It’ll buy you points with them and it’ll save your skin.

Eat way less Halloween candy than you want to and space it out and ration it over several days.

Or hand out Halloween themed temporary tattoos, vampire fangs, bubbles, or Halloween themed pencils and erasers.  And pray your house doesn’t get egged.

The truth is that life and good skin are both largely about moderation.  You need to care for the largest organ of your body but you need to live a little as well.

If you promise me that you’ll eat less candy than in years past and you’ll spread out your candy consumption over several days, I’ll sleep better, even if my house is getting egged over cup o’ soup.


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