We sometimes focus too much on just putting products on our skin; we can forget there are other practices that will result in the radiance we crave.

Yes, good quality, thoughtfully formulated skincare makes a visible difference in the beauty of your skin.  That’s a fact.  Yes, with certainty, there are treatments that can turn back the clock, correct complexion, calm, smooth, soothe and clear your skin.

There’s so much more to it than that.

Yes, I want you to use my skincare products because they are outstanding.  Yes, I want you to have treatments with me because they are effective.

I also want you to manage your stress!  It’s not just for your health.  It’s not just because media tells us that we should all aim to lead less stressful lives.  It’s for your skin and beauty as well.

Skin simply doesn’t handle stress well.  I often say that our skin is the canary in the coal mine.  It wilts and withers under duress and stress.

Stress ages you.  It gives you weird little rashes, break outs, and redness. A weird texture seems to come out of nowhere.  Your color seems off.  There are lines where there weren’t lines before.

All things I fight valiantly against, for my Clients, on a daily basis.

It’s not just about lowering stress by trying to get rid of stressful factors.  It’s about changing how you react to stress.  Stress is everywhere!  It’s all the time!  If we’re conscious, if we have a pulse, there is stress.

Dr Rick Hanson is worth hunting down online.  As super smart as he is, he has lots of short, easily understandable readings on how to change how you react to stress.  He shares a lot of his readings for free.  Maybe there’s a nugget amongst his works that will help your skin breathe a sigh of relief so it looks and feels better.

Cherise owns Results in Prince Albert where she loves helping people look and feel good.  She’s been called ‘Skin Doctor’ and ‘Fairy Godmother’ and takes great pleasure in living up to those expectations.  Talk to Cherise at 306 953 1986 or learn more at www.resultspa.ca


Stress Care is Skin Care

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