Kate Moss has her birthday sometime this week.  She’s in her early forties and she looks great.  What’s her secret?

I know one.

She puts cold water in a bowl big enough to fit her face in.  She adds lots of fresh slices of cucumber and some ice.

Then she submerges her face for a few seconds, as long as is comfortable.



Dope or nope?

Cherise says:  Dope!

This is a great idea.  For a celebrity beauty secret, it’s got real merit.  Both the cold and the cucumber will reduce inflammation.  This means looking less puffy.  It means temporarily slowing down the breakdown of precious collagen, for anti aging.  It means temporarily disrupting a factor that contributes to acne.  It means some management and reduction for rosacea.  All good skin things.

And cucumbers aren’t expensive.  So go ahead and mimic Kate Moss.  Add this invigorating treatment to your pre party prep.

Kate Moss Beauty Secret – Dope or Nope?

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