February is a month for love.  Whether it’s for your better half, your family or your friends, it’s fun to show you care.

February is also a month for little delights and indulgences.  Chocolate.  Champagne.  Strawberries.  These are just some of the affordable extravagances we can lavish on our loved ones or on ourselves.  Or both!

For the month of February, I’m showing how much I care with a little gift of indulgence.  2 chocolates – one a champagne truffle and the other a strawberry truffle, from Melanie Quintal at Forever and Alwayz Chocolatez on Central Avenue.  She’s Prince Albert’s European trained Chocolatier.  I’m giving these sweet little morsels as a gift with each Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcase.

Therapie is an indulgence in and of itself.  A beauty tool for face, hair and lash extensions, the menfolk also like it because the pure silk sleeps cool.

Two additional little gifts during this month of expressions of affection – all Therapie Silk and Bamboo Pillowcases ship free whether it’s in town or across the country.  And Therapie Pillowcase in Deep Sleep Blue has a promo code for $10 off.   Visit my other website, www.ilovetherapie.ca for more information or to order.  You can also call me at 306 953 1986.

Chocolates, champagne, and strawberry.  Some real Valentine’s Day staples here, to accompany your Therapie.


Chocolates Add Flavor to Therapie

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