One of my great passions is helping people feel better about their looks.  This includes what one of my Client’s affectionately referred to as her Mummy Tummy.

I absolutely love working on stretched out tummies.  Tummies that have lost a lot of weight or tummies stretched out by beautiful babies; I love them both.

I love watching the skin smooth out and tighten up over a course of treatments.

I love watching the belly button lift again.

I love the looks on my Clients’ faces when they report that either they or their significant other or even their BFF and coworkers, saw the difference when they showed them their belly.

I love it because it’s rewarding.

I’ve been doing these treatments for over seven years.  This treatment isn’t just effective; it’s comfortable and affordable and proven by Health Canada and the FDA.

Technology has come to a point where we don’t have to feel shy about our loose tummies anymore.  I have that technology and, good news, I love sharing it with others.


Cherise owns Results in Prince Albert where she has been tightening up stretch marks and loose tummies for over seven years.  Give her a shout at 953 1986; consultations are free of charge.

Good news for Mummy Tummies

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