When you look at your thighs, you see ripples.  Why?

You work out hard.  Maybe you work out hard at the gym.  Maybe you walk on the treadmill every single day.  Maybe you’re a runner.  And, you watch what you eat.  Overall, you’re in pretty decent shape and you’re pretty happy with your weight.  So what gives?

Cellulite is not pockets of stubborn fat.  Neither is it pockets of toxin-filled fluid.  People can be slim, fit, and active, all while they eat clean, and yet they’ll still have cellulite.  So neither of these common explanations makes sense.

A large part of cellulite is stretched out collagen fibers in the skin.  Think about it.  Teenage girls typically have smooth legs – even the chubby ones.  I bet you didn’t have cellulite when you were 17.  Part of the cellulite conundrum is skin laxity.

Most adult women gain and/ or lose weight at some point.  Often this happens with pregnancy.  Gravity is also constantly pulling the skin down.  Throw in aging, which results in a major reduction in collagen production, combine with lots of sun exposure over the years, and what you wind up with is a recipe for skin on the thighs that now has some give to it..

Demi Moore is reported to have had a KNEE lift in her forties.  Do this simple test:  stand up.  Bend over from the waist and look at your naked knees.  Do you see horizontal lines or tiny folds in the skin above or over your knee cap?  That is sagging skin.

The other piece to this ripple puzzle actually involves female hormones.  Our hormones result in uneven fat cell distribution on the thighs.

So what can you do about this?  You can come see me.  I’ll do a shallow skimming fat reduction.  Then I’ll tighten up the skin.  My  Exilis® in office treatments, which I’ve been performing for over seven years, are proven by Health Canada and the FDA to get a visible reduction in cellulite.

Exilis® treatments are totally non-invasive.  They are proven effective, comfortable and super affordable.  There is absolutely no down time.  Yes, my friend, I can help you keep the ripples on the ocean.

Cherise opened Results almost ten years ago.  She’s passionate about effective, comfortable, affordable treatments for skin rejuvenation, body contouring and entry level hair restoration.  Get in touch at 953 1986.

Keep the Ripples on the Ocean

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