You’re sick and tired of looking tired.  You see dark, puffy circles staring back at you in the mirror.  What can be done?

First of all, I want you to cut yourself some slack.  Every single person on the planet eventually winds up with some degree of bag under the eye.  Some of us have tiny little carry-ons that are so small, you could stick them in the seat pocket in front of you.  Some of us have bags that are so big, you can feel the flight attendants staring at the back of your head while you try your damndest to cram them into the overhead compartments.

Some bags sit really high and super close to the lash line.  Some bags are halfway down to your cheekbone.

We all get bags of one size or shape, eventually.  If you see a face in a photograph and it has no under eye bags, it’s photoshopped.  If you see eyes in a film and they don’t have under eye bags, those eyes are CGI’d, just like the fire breathing dragon in the scene right before.

So, we’re feeling better already.  Is there anything else that can be done?

First, stop rubbing your eye area.  Whether you’re tired or your tugging away as you try to remove eye makeup, stop rubbing your eye area.  This is the thinnest and most delicate skin of the face other than the lips.

Start using an eye cream or gel.  If you are lined under the eye, use a cream.  If you have bags, puffiness or darkness, use a gel.  If you have both, use both – gel in the morning and cream at night.

Stick your eye cream and/ or gel in the fridge.  It helps to soothe and reduce fluids and it feels amazing.

Going out?  Eyes look like you’re about to take off on a trip?  A quick trick that I love – put a potato in the fridge.  After it’s cold, thinly slice off a piece and cut it into a half moon shape.  Apply under the eye.  Hold in place for 10 minutes.  Remove.  Wow, look at that smooth, de-puffed eye!

Last but not least, I can help with Exilis.  I can tighten up and smooth out the skin under the eye.  If you want to see if Exilis will help you or if you want to see my eye cream and eye gel recommendations, give me a shout to book a complimentary consultation:  953 1986


Under Eye Bags

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