Change of season means warmer temperatures.  This is a great time to do an audit on your skincare products.   Here’s how to do it.

Warmer temperatures might mean a change in skincare products.  Skin might feel greasy or oily now even if it didn’t during the depths of winter.  Just as we don’t wear a tank top all year long or just a turtle neck sweater, our skin may need different products depending on the season.  If you are feeling greasy or oily, it might be time to switch to a lighter weight in your skincare products, just as you adjust your clothing.

Check expiry dates.  If product is more than 6 months past, it’s time to pitch it.

If a product doesn’t have an expiry date, check for changes in consistency or texture.  Also look for changes in color or smell.  These can all be indications that an ingredient in the product has broken down or turned.  This affects the results that your product can get for you.  Just as you don’t keep drinking milk that smells funky and has turned chunky, don’t keep using products that have changed.

While we’re at it, can you remember the last time that you washed your brushes and sponges with hot soapy water?  If not, make that happen.  Recently purchased products can harbor bacteria if the applicators aren’t washed regularly.  Bacteria can shorten the shelf life of your skincare and makeup.

Cherise owns Results in Prince Albert where she gets to live her dream life of being a skincare product junkie.  To learn more, call Cherise at 953 1986.

Spring Cleaning for Your Skincare Products

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