Spring is a time for cleaning, birds chirping, tulips blooming, and colds.  Don’t despair; your skin benefits when you care for your cold.

Your strong immune system and beautiful skin have a lot in common.  They both love antioxidants.  They both love fruit and vegetables.  They both hate sugar.

Spring time colds are very common.  If you get one, don’t despair.  The care that you give to your cold has a beautiful skin side effect.

Take more vitamin C.  Vitamin C is proven to bolster a compromised immune system during cold or flu.  It’s also great for anti aging.  Vitamin C is one of the critical building blocks needed for your body to synthesize collagen.

Take more zinc.  Zinc is also proven to boost a taxed immune system during illness.  Acne skin needs zinc.

Take a probiotic.  This helps to replenish the good bacteria in our digestive tract.  Some experts say that our digestive tract makes up almost 80% of our immune system.  Take care of that gut and you take care of that cold.  Rosacea gets proven benefit from taking a probiotic supplement.

Take vitamin D3.  Not only does it help the immune system, some experts say that it can help anti aging, acne and rosacea.  Just be careful with this vitamin.  Too much isn’t a good thing.  Unlike vitamin C, vitamin D builds in the body which can create a different set of problems.


Cherise owns Results in Prince Albert where she obsesses over the places where beauty and wellness collide.  Talk to her at 953 1986.

Colds and Beautiful Skin Have This in Common
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