It’s a special week for me.  My beautiful Results baby is ten years old.

Ten years ago, Quentin and I opened Results.  We were terrified.  Would people come?  I worried.  Maybe I should go get a real job.  Like normal people.

People came.

Today, I’m proud to say that I still have some regular Clients from Ten Years Ago.  It simply bakes my brain when I think of this.

I’m so grateful!  I am blessed to make a living doing something that stirs my soul.  Beautifying faces , making people feel good about their skin, and debunking the skincare industry are truly some of my most favorite things to do.

Do you think I’m kidding?  Here is how I see my end of days:  I’m 97 years old.  I’m doing a Cold Laser Microderm treatment, beautifying a  sweetly snoozing Client’s face, when I slowly, quietly slide off of my stool, on to the floor.  Quentin mourns me terribly, as do all of my Clients.  “Well,” my 99 year old husband tells them,  his voice cracking, “At least she died doing what she loved.”

I wonder who that last Client will be?  I’ll tell Quentin to remember not to charge her.

I want to say Thank You to my (slightly more) beautiful Clients who keep coming back.  And I welcome new Clients to jump the (beautiful) bandwagon any time.

I am appreciative.  I am excited.  Here’s to many more beautiful years.

Ten Beautiful Results Years

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