You read over and over again about how important exfoliation is.  There are lots of different methods; which is the right one?

Exfoliation is anything that encourages skin to let go of dead cells.  It’s categorized two ways:  mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation.

Mechanical exfoliation is any method that uses rubbing or scrubbing.

Chemical exfoliation is any kind of exfoliation in which an acid or enzyme is used.

I like a little bit of both but it depends on what I’m trying to accomplish and for whom.

Here are just a few methods of mechanical exfoliation:  wash cloth, microfiber cloth, salt scrub, sugar scrub, coffee scrub, rotating or vibrating facial brushes and more.

Chemical exfoliation can be with glycolic acid, salicylic acid, pumpkin enzymes, papaya enzymes, and more.

I love the konjac sponge for at home exfoliation.  There are a lot of people doing a lot of exfoliation.  I regularly see skin where over exfoliating has become a problem of its own.  It’s pretty hard to hurt your skin with a konjac sponge and they’re really affordable.

For in office exfoliation, I use microdermabrasion.  It’s the only form of exfoliation that has suction.  I love knowing that I am also vacuuming out the pores while I’m buffing and polishing skin.  You can microderm aggressively or very gently which means that I can customize this treatment to suit each different skin type.

I use lactic peel for chemical exfoliation.  Lactic acid is a very effective peel that gets along with many different skin types.   I don’t have to worry about reactions like I’ve seen with glycolic acid.

A little exfoliation goes a long way.  If you’re wondering how best to exfoliate your skin, give me a call at 953 1986.  I’ll be happy to help you shortlist the best options for your particular skin type.


Which Method of Exfoliation is Best?

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