Firming Faces is Going Well

Do you remember a few months ago when I got a new machine?  Here’s a progress update on how it’s been going.

Mid March, I went to Florida for training on a new machine.  The technology is microcurrent and it’s used on the face to firm, lift and tone the facial muscles.  This is great when the face starts to sag and look tired or angry.

Training went well.  I had to bring a model to train on and my hubby Quentin was happy to volunteer.  I made sure to experience the treatment on my own face so I would know how it’s supposed to feel.

Once we were home, I experimented on Quentin some more.  He was comfortable and looked refreshed and four years younger so I moved on to different faces.  I asked some friends and some long time Clients if they were willing to volunteer their faces.  I practised on older faces, younger faces, thin skin, thick skin, oily skin, easily upset skin and so on.

Lots of happy people with firmer, younger looking happy faces.  I love my job.

I was ready to start offering the treatment.

It’s been well received.  Several of my Clients have come back for additional treatments as they like the results.  Some of my Clients have incorporated it into a treatment regimen – alternating this facial muscle toning treatment with Exilis facial skin tightening, for youth maintenance.

I’m happy.  My Clients are happy.  Their faces look happier.  Another successful machine introduced to the list of Results services.

By the way, I am super excited that Results has been nominated, yet again, for the Bob Award for Best Spa.  I’m thrilled that this blog, Beautiful Results, as been nominated for Best Blog again.  Thank you so much for your continued voting!