My favorite breakfast is delicious, fast and skin friendly.

Doesn’t my breakfast look good? So quick and easy.

Zero fat greek yogurt has lots of protein in it – for beautiful skin, hair, and nails.

It also has good bacteria for your guts – good digestion means less acne and redness.

The fruit is full of anti oxidants for anti aging.

Fruit fiber makes for good digestion for clear, calm skin.

There’s a dab of pure maple syrup on there – lots of micro-nutrients in maple syrup pretty much make it a super food!

That same yogurt makes a quick and easy pre-work masque to reduce redness, acne and aging!

Honest, I put lots in my bowl and a dab on my face.  It feels good because it’s nice and cooling from the fridge.  A little pre-work beauty prep and a full tummy and we’re good to go!

Beauty Breakfast

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