You are losing weight. Maybe it’s to fit into this knock out, gorgeous polyester satin bridesmaid’s dress. Maybe it’s to hit the beach in a bikini this winter. Maybe it’s because you met someone. Left someone. Whatever your reason, you are losing weight. Maybe you need to lose a lot. Maybe you’re losing it fast.

I want to talk to you about your skin during rapid or large weight loss.

Give your skin a chance to keep up.

You’re not going to like this; based on what I’ve seen with Client weight loss in the past 8 + years, here’s my recommendation – go slow. Lose the weight slower than you want to. Slower than you can.

Here’s my reason. In the last 8 + years that I’ve been providing RF skin tightening on the body (Exilis) I’ve had Clients who have lost really big or really fast and their skin has sagged significantly. So much so, that it is beyond my scope, in the realm of painful surgery. I hate not being able to help because it’s too little, too late.

Upper arms. Inner thighs. Stomachs. These are the areas that sag the most.

Sometimes, these Clients say, as I walk them to the door, “I don’t know what’s worse. Being fat or the sagging skin.”


My advice – eat protein at every meal. Take lots of vitamin C. These two things are the foundation of collagen.

Wearing collagen or eating collagen doesn’t result in collagen. It results in hydration in skin and lubrication in joints. Unless your skin is really dry or your joints hurt, don’t bother. It won’t help your skin’s elasticity.

This phenomenon happens on the face and neck as well. There’s a term for it: diet face. Look it up online. The face and the neck sag and therefore look 20 years older.

WWCS: What Would Cherise Say: Go slow! Lose slower than you want to. Lose slower than you can. Give the face and neck a chance to keep up.

Finally, let me tighten your skin every 15 pounds or so. You know the old saying – a ounce of prevention is worth of pound of cure!

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Prevent Sagging Skin During Dramatic Weight Loss
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