I’m not an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. Nevertheless, being in the beauty industry, I feel a need to write about a topic new to me. This post is about ocular rosacea and there’s nothing pretty about it.

A very close friend of mine texted last week: Remember how you warned me about rosacea? I have ocular rosacea!
Me: WTH????

I’d never heard of it. This is, in essence, rosacea of the eye.
Please don’t Google images of it. You might not sleep tonight.

I’m not a medical professional. Why do I care?
For one thing, this is one of my dearest friends. Secondly, I hate to see anyone suffer.
Lastly, I take great pleasure in helping people look good and feel good about themselves.

Ocular rosacea doesn’t look good or feel good. It’s a big jerk.

This condition can be hereditary. It can be triggered by bacteria or stress.
It can be brought on by pollutants and irritants in your environment. That’s where I come in.

Eye makeup and makeup remover can be pollutants and irritants in your environment! Wash off your eye makeup no matter how tired you are.
However, there’s more to it than wipe, swipe, crash into bed.

Makeup remover is like a solvent. It’s not a cleanser.
Use the remover if your cleanser isn’t strong enough but make sure to remove the remover!
It’s not meant to sit on your eyes and skin. It’s simply meant to remove makeup.

I have Clients who have had eye area reactions to makeup remover and now, I am contacting them to see if they have gone to the doctor to ask if it is ocular rosacea.

Remember as well that ingredients in eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner can trigger miserable, itchy, red, sore reactions even after using a specific brand for years and years.
Use good quality products –as good as you can afford.

Wash your hands often and with soap. We stick our hands in our eyes all day and don’t even know it.
Reduce the possibility of bacteria getting into those precious peepers.

Change your pillowcase regularly.
You should be sleeping on a pure silk pillowcase (that just happens to have a real bamboo back panel; just sayin’) for the beauty of your hair, skin and lash extensions.
Even if you don’t want to change your sheets, wash the pillowcase.

In this part of the world, we have this thing called Winter. During Winter, we often have dry eyes.
Pay attention and if your eyes are dry, they are not able to hydrate, lubricate and protect themselves as well from airborne pollutants and irritants.
Get a good eye drop for dryness, don’t let anyone else use it, and keep your fingers away from the applicator.

These are your eyes and you only get two! I want you and your eyeballs to look good and feel good until the very sad day that someone throws dirt on you.

If your eyes or eye area have been itchy, sore, swollen, red or watering, go see your doctor right away. It might not be ocular rosacea but your eyes are precious. Let’s keep them that way.

Your brown eyed girl,

Ocular Rosacea Isn’t Pretty

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