Soon, Results will be moving and offering new products that Clients have been asking me about for over ten years.

For over ten years, Results Clients have regularly asked me if I offer makeup.  About four years ago, I started thinking about carrying makeup to meet that need.

I thought that I had found a great line about three years ago but too many pieces didn’t make the grade with this former high school teacher.  It was back to the drawing board.

Now, I have found a line that I personally love and, professionally, would be proud to stand behind.

Just as with my skincare lines, I will only carry the pieces that I think are fantastic.  Sorry, folks; I’m not wild about the mascara.  Who carries a makeup line but not a mascara?  Me.

Results is moving to a new location.  I’m excited to offer you new products once I’m up and running and sorted and settled.

There will be other new developments at the new Results location.  I’ll keep you posted.

Moving Soon and Expanding Product Line

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