Results will be moving at the end of this week and at least two new services will be coming after the move.

Over ten years ago, when Quentin and I opened Results, we offered FAR infrared sauna treatments.  FAR infrared helps with muscle, joint and connective tissue pain.  It also helps regulate mood and sleep.  Many of our Clients enjoyed some relief from Seasonal Affective Disorder which we also commonly refer to as Winter Depression.  Some got help with migraines.  Some got relief in their arthritic hands.

The FAR infrared sauna treatment will be reintroduced to Results’ services once we’ve relocated and, I’m excited to say that I’ve learned about more benefits to FAR infrared; it stimulates collagen production!

Yes, not just detoxifying skin, FAR infrared is anti aging.  I always knew that it was great for acne and I saw the improvements some of my rosacea Clients got. Now I know that it’s anti aging as well.

And coming soon after the move will be the Oxygen Facial Treatment.  I’ve had the equipment and the training for months!  I just need time to practice on some of my dear Clients and then I’ll be offering that new service as well.

Results is moving to a new location.  I’m excited to offer you new services once I’m up and running, sorted and settled.

There will be other new developments at the new Results location.  I’ll keep you posted.


New Services Coming with Move

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