You’re probably outside less now that it’s Fall; especially this Fall as it’s cold beyond compare.  Even if you are outside, the sun isn’t as strong and it’s not up as long.  This is a perfect time of year to correct summer sun damage.  How do we do that?

Over the past ten plus years, I’ve often helped people improve sun damaged faces, necks, and chests.   We do that with a combination of treatments.  We can supplement it with a regimen of products used at home.

The treatments that I do in office involve cosmetic grade Cold Laser, Dustless Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion, and Lactic Acid peels.

Cold Laser disburses melanin in the skin.  Microdermabrasion buffs off surface discoloration and uneven skin tone.  Lactic peels loosen the bonds between dead skin cells, resulting in a deeper, more powerful Microderm.

If you are doing the at home skincare products approach, a strong Retinol, a strong Vitamin C and a strong Glycolic Acid are critical to success.  You alternate one of these three products, each night, at bed time.  Patience and persistence are key; irregular pigment, whether it’s pregnancy mask, sun spots, age spots or sun damage, is hard to correct and takes time.  The longer you stick with treatment and an at home product regimen, the more fade and even tone you’ll see.

These three products, used in rotation, are very effective at getting pigment skin cells to turn over.  A likely side effect is dryness or redness or sensitivity.  If you are going this route, it’s important to stick with it for the long haul.  Rest the skin a bit.  Take every second night off from products.  Once your skin is feeling less cranky, resume your nightly rotation.

Sun damaged skin today is the result of overexposed skin from years, even decades, ago.  To reduce the chance of sun damage in future years, take lots of shade breaks, wear a big brimmed hat and large sunglasses and regularly reapply your sunscreen.  It’s not rocket science but it all works if you do it!

Fall is a Great Time to Correct Summer Sun Damage

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