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We’re all trying to increase our collagen production so we can look as young as possible.  Last week I discussed some facts and some fiction about upping your collagen.  What if there was an Anti – Collagen?

There is.  There’s something that breaks down your body’s collagen.  It ages your skin, hair, nails, and teeth.  It weakens your muscles and connective tissues.  You’re not going to like it.  It’s your sweet tooth.

Yes, sugar is the Anti – Collagen.  Sugar messes with insulin and this creates an inflammatory response.  Inflammation breaks down collagen in your body.

Unfortunately the sweet stuff has a sidekick that’s pretty much as bad:  starches.  Anything made with flour like cupcakes and cookies.  It doesn’t even have to be sweet:  muffins, breads, and pastas are all part of the Anti- Collagen gang.  Highly processed grains like wheat act the same as sugar in the body.

Stop, Cherise!  You’re bringing me down!

Oh, my Dear Reader.  Brace yourself.   If sugar is running a gang of thugs, potato is running with that same bunch of baddies.  Highly processed potato products like fries and chips also act like sugar in the body, breaking down your precious skin.   White rice is almost as bad.

I’m sorry.  If you were here, I’d gently rub your back and make soothing cooing noises.

The good news is that you don’t have to cut these sweet and starchy treats out entirely.  Just cut them back.  Eat them less often and eat a little less when you do.  There are taste foods and there are fill up foods.   If you put your sweets and starches in the taste food category, your skin will show the rewards.



The Anti Collagen

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