old looking hands

Old looking hands. I bet your hands look older than your face. Mine do. They take such a beating with all of the hand washing I do.

Our hands work hard. Their appearance tells the tale.

You know how preachy I get about your skin being an organ. That goes for your hands as well. This precious, life saving outer organ protects our precious inner organs. It is our first line of defense against infectious diseases and when it’s cracked or dry, even on the hands, this line of defense is compromised.

So, for your health, dedicate time to your digits.

If using a lotion messes with your work during the day, get into a ritual of keeping a bottle in front of the TV or by the bed. Massage some into your hands every evening.

Use a lotion that has Vitamins A, C and E in it. These are skin friendly vitamins. C speeds healing and E reduces scar tissue. Both good if you are prone to cracking.

If you have ragged cuticles, deal with them. Cuticles protect nail beds and you don’t want a nail infection. Massage in some olive oil from the kitchen if you don’t have a cuticle oil laying around. Splitting open a Vitamin E capsule will also do the trick.

While you’re at it, take another Vitamin E capsule and pop it in your mouth. E makes skin good looking and healthy. Do this with Vitamin C as well. C is critical for collagen production for younger looking skin.

If your hands feel rough, exfoliate. If you don’t have anything available, mix a bit of brown sugar and oil. Scrub, rub, and then suds up with soap and warm water to wash off.

If you want maximum anti aging, use a high quality, nutrient dense anti aging facial serum on the tops of your hands. Then put your body or hand lotion over top of that.

If you use and abuse your hands a lot through your work or hobbies, get in the habit of inspecting them. Watch for weirdness. Anything unexplained that doesn’t clear up in less than a week should be looked at by a doctor.


Old Looking Hands

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