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You can redefine your jaw line with affordable Results.

I’m lucky at Results; I have two different technologies so I can lift and firm your jaw line at two different levels. 

How does that make me lucky? I love getting good Results. Working at two different depths, I can a noticeable and visible improvement for people.  That makes me happy.

Exilis tightens the skin at a deep level in the dermis so the jaw line skin is tighter. 

Microcurrent tones and firms the muscles underneath the dermis so your jaw line has a better contour like it used to. 

Alternate these treatments 2 to 4 weeks apart. 

Treatments are affordable. The Microcurrent jaw line treatment is less than $74 tax in. The Exilis skin tightening jaw line treatment is less than $184 tax in. 

Both treatments are comfortable. No squeezing stress balls here! With the Microcurrent, you might feel a fluttering sensation. With Exilis, you will feel warmth. With both treatments feeling pleasant, no numbing creme is required.

If you are wondering if these treatments are right for you, book a complimentary consultation with me. Call 953 1986, email resultspa@sasktel.net or send me a Private Message over on the @resultsprincealbert Facebook Page.


Redefine Your Jaw Line

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