It’s time for a Mother’s Day Giveaway!

Our relationships with our Mums are unique and unlike any other relationship that we have.

Some of us are lucky to get along great with our Mums. Some of us wish we got along better with our Mums. Some of us wish we still had a Mum.

Sometimes, those of us who have lost our Mums will informally adopt other ladies as our Surrogate Mums. These ladies are exceptionally close to us and support us and guide us. They’re like a Mother to us.

Then there are the names.  Mum.  Mom.  Momma.  Mommy.  Ma.  Mother.

I want to do something nice for someone’s Mum this Mother’s Day.

I have over ten years of experience and expertise in skincare. During that time, I created a beauty tool. Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase is like a little beauty treatment while you sleep for your skin, hair and lash extensions.

Someone’s Momma is gonna win one Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase, in our signature color, Deep Sleep Blue, this Mother’s Day!

Will your Momma be the lucky one?

Go to Results Prince Albert on Facebook.  Like the Page.  Look for the post about the Therapie Sale and giveaway.  The instructions are there.  Tell me in the comments below that post why your Mum deserves this luxurious treat. 🙂

Cherise has over ten years of experience and expertise in skincare treatments and professional grade skincare products.  Stalk her on Facebook @resultsprincealbert. You can always chat with her at 953 1986.

Giveaway for Mother’s Day

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