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Why is DIY Sunscreen a Total No-No?

Hey, all of my DIY skincare fans: You know I’m down with a little DIY myself. DIY sunscreen though? No way.

Facial masque. Body exfoliant.
I’ve posted some of my faves.
But DIY sunscreen is an absolute NO.
Please don’t. The stakes are too high.
Premature aging. Sun damage. Cancer?
When it comes to sunscreen, spend money.
This is non-negotiable.

I understand, some of you want a ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ sunscreen. I have ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ sunscreen. The difference between mine and the recipe on social media is that mine is HEALTH CANADA APPROVED. Mine is proven effective in medical and scientific studies.

See, the person posting the recipe on whatever social media site doesn’t have a vested, personal interest in your particular face.

I do.

I love your beautiful face. Let’s keep it that way.



DIY Sunscreen a Total No-No

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