Model Call for Treatment Video

I want to do a video demonstrating a Microdermabrasion and I need a fabulous face to volunteer.  I’ll be putting a model call out on Results’ Facebook page.  Look for the video post, comment in the section below it, and follow the instructions I lay out in my model call.

Whoever gets picked to be my model gets a full free Results Micordermabrasion treatment!

Wondering if you’d even be eligible?  Here’s what I’m looking for in a model:

Female or male. Thin or thick. Pretty or plain. Young or young at heart. Great skin or skin that needs some assistance..

Do any of those describe you?  They describe my typical Results Clients so they’ll be perfect characteristics for my treatment demonstration videos as well.

I plan on doing more of these so if you’re interested, and you haven’t already, like the Results Prince Albert Facebook page so I can keep you in the loop.

Model Call

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