Sauna Session Giveaway

At the end of October when it’s snowy, cold, and dark, we could use a break, right?
Here’s something to warm your chilly hands and boost your spirit – this weather has inspired me to do a Giveaway!

One free FAR Infrared Sauna Session!

Get warm and cozy.
Soothe your sore muscles and stiff joints.
Calm and clear acne, sensitive skin, and rosacea.
Feel good while you support collagen production for good looking skin.
Stress relief, better mood, better sleep.
And you get to escape from the world for an hour in the skincare sanctuary.

Here’s how to enter! Like Results Prince Albert Facebook page. Comment on the post about this Giveaway. Tag or share with any friends who could use a boost.

Let’s give everyone a week to get entered in the draw. Draw happens this Sunday at 6 pm local time. I’ll post the Winner to Results Prince Albert Facebook page Monday morning!

Sauna Session Giveaway

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