Mummy Tummy Model Call

Nobody tightens a Mummy Tummy like I do.
Loose tummy, stretched out tummy.
Lots of stretchmarks on that tummy.
That tummy has a bit of a hang – or some sag – to it.
I LOVE those tummies!
I can get a visible, noticeable difference on those tummies.
So, who wants to be my MODEL for a short, stomach skin tightening demonstration video?
I get a short video to show people exactly how treatment looks.
You, my model, get a full free Exilis stomach skin tightening treatment.
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Share or tag any loved ones who might want to be my Mummy Tummy Model. PM me a pic of your Tummy, tell me your name.
This is the right time of year as lots of people contemplate hot getaways and how they’re going to look in their swimsuit,


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