Time to Talk Sunscreen

Bright sun and plus temperatures mean it’s time to have ‘the talk’. I mean the ‘practice safe sun’ talk! If you haven’t been using sunscreen through the Winter, I’m fine with that. Unless you’re out snowshoeing or doing some other Winter sport with an exposed face, I don’t think you need it during Saskatchewan Winters. You certainly do in Saskatchewan Summers.

Check your sunscreen for change in texture, color or smell. If any of these have happened, you need to chuck it and get a fresh one.

If you’re low exposure, an spf of 22 is fine. The one on your right, by Yum, is exactly that.

If you’re outside or in the car during sun hours for a long period, aim for something of 30 or more. The one in the middle by Derm Advantage has an spf of 36.

Remember, there is often a difference in the quality of ingredients between facial sunscreens by Dermatologists and body sunscreens. The one by Maui sun is a body sunscreen by a lovely little family business in Maui. However, its ingredient list is so clean and high quality, I think someone with easy going skin could wear it on their face in a pinch or if on a budget.


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