Green Tea Serum Under Sunscreen

Beautiful weekend ahead! Here’s my secret tip to maximize your sun protection:
Super easy – Wear a green tea serum as a base coat!
Apply sunscreen over top.
Studies have shown that green tea can make your sunscreen more effective!
And remember, green tea is a big deal for anti-aging, anti-redness, anti-acne, and anti-sensitivity.

The white and silver on your left is by a Miami Florida Dermatologist.
Super strong green tea combined with vitamin E. $73.26 tax in.

The one on your right is a Dermatologist created formula from Vancouver BC. It’s Certified Organic.
Green tea combined with Peptides. $48.84 tax in.

Pick up or drop off, at your convenience. PM to arrange or you can call/text me directly at 306 980 9959.

Enjoy the the heat and sun this weekend!

Green Tea Serum Under Sunscreen

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