The Season for C

There are many nutrients that are important for skin health and beauty. vitamin C is one of them, as we all know. However, there’s a critical seasonal factor to wearing your vitamin C.

Saskatchewan Summer skincare routines demand Vitamin C. We go hard. You have probably heard the expression “weekend warrior”. Well, up here in Canada, we are Summer warriors. The season is short so we all make the most of it and that can take a toll on skin.

Vitamin C today can help reduce the chance of pigment irregularities and uneven skin tone tomorrow. It makes our skin more resilient against sun damage like premature aging and broken blood vessels as well.

You can eat C – its found in a majority of fruits and vegetables. Berries especially tend to be high in vitamin C.

You can also wear it. I have it available in serums, a creme and a delightful masque made in Saskatoon from berries that we grow right here on the prairies.

The Right Season for C

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