Healthy New Year

Let’s put 2020 behind us and look forward, with optimism, to a brand new year. Time to revisit our goals. Who do you want to be? Maybe it’s the same; maybe it’s changed. Who I want to be in my 50s is very different from who I wanted to be when I was in my 20s. It’s important to check in to see if you need to adjust these goals and a yearly over is the perfect time.

Who do you want to be? You get to choose. How fantastic. You get to choose your outlook on life, your attitude towards the world, your treatment of people. You get to choose a large portion of your health and fitness – admittedly, not all of it – some of this comes down to genetics which we just have to accept and be content with.

One thing I’ve learned being in the beauty business for over 12.5 years – part of being beautiful is acting beautifully. Being patient and tolerant is beautiful. Being calm and gentle is beautiful.

I wish you a beautiful and healthy new year!


Healthy New Year

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