Challenging the OCM

I’ve had concerns about the logic behind the OCM Oil Cleansing Method but I’ve always struggled to put them into words. I just figured out how to phrase it.

First off, I need to clarify. I love some oils for use on the face. Olive oil gets along with so many faces and it’s got great healing and beauty properties. Jojoba oil get a gold star for a dry or dehydrated skin and for hair and scalp. Rosehip oil is full of A, C & E vitamins and is so good for skin. But none of them clean your skin.

It’s the whole ‘like cleans like’ logic that gets under my skin. Spill some canola oil on your kitchen counter. Now add more canola oil to clean it off. Doesn’t work that way. Rub cooking oil all over your hands. Now add more to clean it off. Nope.

Yes, oil cleans oil but it’s got to be saponified. That makes it soap. Why did they name it palm olive dish soap? It was made of saponified palm oil and olive oil. Soap cleans oil. Saponified oils clean oil. So, use your beauty facial oils, for sure.Then use soap to wash your face.

Challenging the OCM

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