blah winter skin be gone

Buff Away Blah Winter Skin

You’ve got me and 1300 square feet all to yourself. It’s time to relax. You leave the open and bright reception area with the cozy fireplace. Now, it’s the treatment room. Clean and bright and professional yet warm when I cover you with a cozy fleece blanket and slip a pillow under your knees.

Today, we’re doing a Microderm. We are vacuuming your skin. We are polishing it so it feels smooth and soft. We are buffing off dead skin cells so your skin glows and feels amazing.

So, we start with a cleanser, we do the Microdermabrasion, I apply a serum and we finish with an application of moisturizer. I always give a bit of a massage as I apply these high end products to fully relax you.

Now we’ve buffed away the blah winter skin and you’ve got your glow back. Your moisturizers will absorb better and be more effective. Makeup will lay better upon this deeply cleaned and smoothed canvas.

Microderm for face is $73.50 tax in. Reasonably priced for a great result.

Buff Away Blah Winter Skin

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