Sunscreen Sale for Spring Skin Care

My Clients at Results buy as much sunscreen the winter as they do in the summer. This past winter, they weren’t traveling for hot vacation getaways like usual. We’re all going to be spending a lot of time outdoors this Summer, to make up for lost time visiting and socializing. We’ll all need more sunscreen than usual.

All Yum Gourmet Skincare, Derm Advantage, Peptide Matrix (not shown here) facial sunscreens and Maui Sun body sunscreens are on 50% off while supplies last.

Yum is Certified Organic & Certified Vegan, made in Canada.

Derm Advantage is created by a Miami Florida Dermatologist (if anyone knows sun, it’s a Dermatologist in Miami).

Peptide Matrix is a Canadian made medical grade skincare. Their sunscreen has no tint in it, if you don’t want additional color under your makeup.

Maui Sun for body is made by a lovely little young family in Maui, Hawaii and it has a very clean ingredient list. Whatever your preferred brand, buy your sunscreen, wear it, and reapply throughout the day.

Sunscreen Sale for Spring Skin Care

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