You can go out in the sun with confidence this year. With this simple Summer skincare routine, your skin is in good hands during these hot, sunny days.

I’ve always believed in keeping skincare simple. With products, less is actually more.

Let’s start with bedtime. You’re taking your makeup off. If you use a makeup remover, that’s fine but it’s not cleanser. It’s makeup remover. It doesn’t clean skin. So, here’s your first step. Cleanse. Remove the makeup remover. Yes, I know, there are commercials that talk about it like it’s a cleanser. The fact is, it’s not. Even if you don’t want to cleanse after you’ve used makeup remover, at least splash it off with lots of water. Get that stuff off of your skin.

The next step. It’s bedtime in the Summer. It’s a great idea to use a vitamin C serum. vitamin C helps to reverse sun damage. It disburses melanin – or clumps of pigment – that can turn into age spots and sun spots down the road. However, don’t use a super strong vitamin C product. Keep the strength of your C proportionate to your age. The younger you are, the gentler the C. If not, you can create skin sensitivity that can wreak havoc with the beauty of your skin more and more, as you age. The strongest C is for the most sun damaged skin. If you’re not sun damaged, don’t use an aggressive C as a preventative. It doesn’t work that way.

So, now it’s morning. You’ve woken after a blissful night’s sleep on your Therapie Silk & Bamboo Pillowcase (developed and designed by Yours Truly). A great base layer is a green tea serum. It’s proven to amplify the effectiveness of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) in your sunblock. Next, apply your sun protection then makeup over top. If you have dry skin, apply green tea serum first, moisturizer second, and finish with your sun protection.

If you overdue it (of course you’ll overdue it at some point – we go hard in Saskatchewan Summers) apply aloe vera based skincare. Just make sure that there’s a goodly amount of aloe vera is in the product. I’ve seen after sun products with almost non-existent levels of healing, calming aloe vera.

A simple Summer skincare routine includes vitamin C serum at bedtime, green tea serum in the morning, sun protection, and an aloe vera based lotion or gel for recovery. All available at Results.

Simple Summer Skincare Routine

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