Mask skin issues are more common than this time last year. 
Wearing our masks more regularly, switching to N95s, or doubling up masks have caused a lot of skin strife.  
The accumulated effects of wearing masks for so many months now has also added to skin disruptions.  
I’m here to help. I do skincare, as in 

for skin. Or, if you’ll allow me to crack a funny, I put the CARE in skincare. (You might be groaning more than laughing but I’ll take all the humour that I can get!)
Here are some at home skinCARE tips to reduce mask upset.  
#1. If you’re wearing cloth, wash it in a freshly cleaned sink with your facial cleanser. Not in the washing machine with harsh detergents, sock, gotch, and dish rags.  
#2. If you’re wearing disposable medical masks, vigourously shake each new one before you put it on. You could even use a blow dryer to blow through it, from the outside of it, so loose fibers on the inside are blown out and don’t bother your skin.
#3. Cloth or disposable medical, as soon as you can take your mask off for a long period, splash your face repeatedly with cool water to reduce heat, inflammation, and remove fibers or build up of dried condensation on the skin.
We’ll get through it. I got you.

Fix Mask Skin Strife
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