Microcurrent Mini Lift

Imagine if you could grab the skin at the back of your head and give it a tiny twist. Imagine the lift and definition you’d see in your face if you could do that. This is the effect that a Microcurrent facial can have. It’s like a little mini lift for the face.

Microcurrent stimulates muscles. Muscles that are lax are toned by this stimulation. Muscles that are tense are relaxed by it. So, your sagging jawline gets sculpted. Your furrowed forehead gets smoothed out. This stimulation is called muscle re-education.

You see, physiotherapists have used microcurrent for decades upon decades for this muscle re-education property. Muscles that have atrophied in people who are immobile are stimulated and toned. Muscles that are chronically contracted or spasming from overuse get released. So it is for the muscles of the face.

Microcurrent facial equipment is specifically designed for beauty purposes. Don’t put your Dr Ho machine on your face! A Microcurrent facial is relaxing and comfortable. Many people see the lifting and smoothing effect right off the treatment table, later the same day or even the next day. And Microcurrent can be done as often as you like since it has no downtime. Some people even come once every 4 to 6 weeks.

At $95 + gst (April 2022 pricing), this is an affordable facial that feels good in addition to making you look younger, firmer, and fresh faced.

Microcurrent Mini Lift
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