Skin Rejuvenation, Body Contouring AND Hair Restoration

Yes, I love fixing faces. I love tightening tummies and smoothing cellulite. But I also have TLC for your thin hair or your entry level thinning hair. Admittedly, my passport photo is not the most flattering. Someone looks grumpy! But when I held it in front of my face that day, it made my point […]

Crowsfeet or Laugh Lines. Here’s How to Lessen Them.

Crowsfeet. Wrinkles. Krinkles. Laugh lines. You might use a flattering or less than flattering word for the lines around your eyes. Your loved ones find them endearing. You might find them less so. They give your face character, they tell you. But you’re not an actor, you remind them. And this isn’t an old Spaghetti […]

Male or Female, Exilis Gets Your Body Summer Ready

Male or female, chubby or saggy, it’s time to get your body summer ready with Exilis. Exilis is Health Canada approved and proven to reduce fat on body or tighten skin on body and Results has the only Exilis in all of Saskatchewan. Cherise has been specializing in Exilis for 5 years. She has tightened […]

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