The Referral Program

♦ You can get HALF OFF any one Results treatment. Simply refer your friends, family & coworkers. We will keep track of your referrals for you. Every FIVE people who come for treatment/product earns you HALF OFF one treatment of your choice.  This program is ongoing.  

 We have a very loyal client base.  This is our way of saying thank you and showing our appreciation.



♦ Dramatic reversal of visible aging.

♦ Non-invasive alternative* to liposuction or surgery.

♦ Skin tightening, face and body.

♦ Fat reduction – get rid of belly fat.

♦ Body contouring – lose inches in a problem area.

♦ RESULTS is the ONLY place to offer it in Saskatchewan.

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Cold Laser Photofacial

♦ The ONLY painless laser in Prince Albert.

♦ It’s a “Fix It” facial.

♦ No heat, no pain, no peeling.

♦ Improve the quality of your skin.

♦ Lines are lessened and softened.

♦ Acne clears, acne scarring noticeably improved.

♦ Rosacea settles & discoloration reduced.

♦ Safe to use to tone delicate areas (Ex. Upper eyelids).

♦ Good for toning neck & décolletage.‚Äč

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Hair Rejuvenation

♦ Reverse hair loss in both genders of all ages

♦ Clinically proven cold laser therapy

♦ Relaxing sessions, many clients fall asleep

♦ Dramatic results approx. 12 sessions

♦ Women typically see improvement after 4 – 5 sessions, men 5 – 6 sessions. *dependant on individual*

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♦ Polish your skin.

♦ Vacuum out your pores.

♦ Great for everyone’s skin type - regulate all* skin disturbances.

     → *Exceptions: Rosacea & Couperose – NO exfoliate is safe to use on these areas.

♦ Most effective when followed by cold laser.

♦ Great for men and women.

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♦ Facelift in as little as 5 minutes.

♦ Proven to lift, tone & firm sagging facial muscles and stimulate collagen production in the skin, thus lifting the skin.

♦ No expensive gels.

♦ No monthly purchases.

♦ ONLY available at RESULTS.

♦ Call today for your FREE complimentary personal demonstration.

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The JODI Facial

♦ Jodi brings an extensive esthetics background to the Results treatments.  She also has an outstanding talent for facials.  Introducing the JODI Facial!

♦ Both Germaine and Jodi do the facials.

♦ Add ons available during the facial include:

→ Paraffin hand treatment and/or foot treatment

→ Collagen masque for neck, eyes and/or lips

→ Extractions

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